Equitas Gyan Kendra ( EGK )

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At Equitas Gyan Kendra, members are provided vocational training to help augment their income levels. Equitas Trainers will train clients in various skills like making candle, agarbathi, phenyl, detergent, tailoring, Embroidery, masala powder, pickle, jam making etc in Cities and Towns and Agri based activities like bee keeping, Mushrooms, rabbit-rearing, basket making , fibre extraction in Semi urban and rural areas. In a short span Equitas has imparted training to 4,70,748 members. As a next step, Equitas is exploring the potential for providing market linkages to such training programs. A pilot on market linkage for clients is currently on in manufacturing raw agarbathis with ITC and for papads with Lijjad papads

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